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SCC Bottle Drop

Help support the
Argyle School Gators participation in the Saskatchewan Athletics Run, Jump, Throw program this spring.

Argyle School is planning to participate in the Saskatchewan Athletics Run, Jump, Throw program this spring. Run, Jump, Throw is a program that develops basic motor skills such as running, jumping and throwing in children ages 8 through 11. It is great program to help prepare our children for the annual track and field competition and helps get all our kids active.


Saturday, May 28

9:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M.

What We Are Asking For???

We are asking community members to collect beverage containers, bottles and cans and deliver them to the Argyle School (2941 Lakeview Ave) staff parking lot on May 28.


We will accept beverage container deliveries from 9:00 A.M to 11:00 A.M.


Our students and volunteers will sort and return them to SARCAN.

Our goal for the bottle drop fundraiser is to raise

Contact - Send questions to the Argyle School Community Council at argylescc@gmail.com

Playground Supervision

Reminder of RBE policy around playground supervision:

Playground supervision begins in the morning when the first school bus arrives or 15 minutes prior to the bell ringing, whichever is earlier. In addition, the grounds are supervised at recess breaks, during part of the noon hour, and after school for the supervision of transportation. Parents should be aware there is no outdoor supervision outside of these times. For specific supervision times, please contact the principal, Mr. Panko. 

Turn Type One into Type None Fundraiser

Congratulations Gator Community as you raised over $1650 for

Way to go!!!

SRC becomes the GGG

The Argyle school community is very pleased to inform you that our school leadership club, formerly know as the SRC, is now going by the name GGG; meaning Gator Gusto Group. The word “gusto” means to do something with enjoyment or enthusiasm, so we believe this title best describes the students of Argyle . We are dedicated to making our school a better place and involving the entire Argyle community in many fun and educational team building activities and events. Such as school dances,spirit days and fundraisers. So far we have raised money and spread awareness for breast cancer, we also organized a Terry Fox walk and got the whole school involved in a spirit week. In the upcoming month we are planning to hold a “dances of the decades” school dance featuring music and popular dances from the 20th century. We are very proud of our accomplishments so far and have many great ideas and plans for the future that will have a positive impact on our school community.



Written by Celeste Bird, Tessa Antrobus, Venezya Thorsteinson on behalf of the GGG.

School Boundary Realingment

January 18, 2016, parents and guardians will receive information in a letter from our director, Mr. Greg Enion, about some upcoming changes relating to the realignment of school boundaries including Argyle School.

In an effort to ensure that you continue to be informed on all changes in our school division, please take the time to have a look at the details of the changes. 

A few points to keep in mind about the changes.

  • Little or no impact for current students or staff
  • Changes apply to new students only, effective 2016/17
  • Transportation Services will continue to be provided according to existing procedures
  • Siblings of current students may be permitted to attend the same schools as their brothers and sisters, exceptions may be provided for their transportation services.

Click here for the details and maps.

News release: http://www.rbe.sk.ca/sites/default/files/pages/files/2016_boundary_changes_final_nr.pdf


Web page with links: http://www.rbe.sk.ca/news/2016/01/school-boundary-changes


If you have any questions, please email or call the school,  or send an email to review@rbe.sk.ca


Grade 1 Transportation Changes for Regina Public Schools 2016-2017 School Year

Changes for Grade 1 Transportation for 2016-17 School Year http://www.rbe.sk.ca/announcements/2016/01/changes-grade-1-transportation-next-year

School Cash Online

Online payment now available!


Regina Public School parents and guardians can now pay for a variety of school based fees directly online. This saves the hassle of writing cheques and eliminates the need for students to carry cash or cheques to school.

Regina Public Schools now offers School Cash Online

Read more details about how to register HERE, or click the School Cash Online icon below.

School Cash Online

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