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GATOR WEAR - School Clothing Order this Thursday during 3 Way Conferences

Argyle Gator Wear

Available this Thursday (November 26th) to order during 3 way Conferences. Size kits will be available and orders taken during the day from 9am-4pm. Credit Card forms will be available or cheques made out to Extreme Hockey. Forms and order will go in on Friday, November 27th.

Please email Argyle@rbe.sk.ca for more information.




Please see the attachment for more ordering information. The order form is available by clicking on this.

Oranges for Sale - Fundraiser

Mrs. Luba’s class and Mrs. Leupold’s class are fundraising for a fieldtrip in May. We are selling boxes of Mandarin oranges for $7.50 a box. If you would like to order a box of delicious, sweet oranges for your family, contact a student in one of these classes. They will be glad to add your name to their list. If you don’t know of anyone in one of these classes, contact Mrs. Leupold directly at juanita.leupold@rbe.sk.ca.  Oranges will be delivered to the school on Wednesdays and should be picked up by an adult. Thank you in advance for your help with this fundraiser!

Orders on November 18th are delivered on November 25th.

Orders on November 25th are delivered on December 2th.

Orders on December 2nd are delivered on December 9th .

Orders on December 9th are delivered on December 16th .


QSP Fundraiser

Thank you so much to all of the students, parents, families and teachers that supported our QSP fundraiser!  It was a success!!  424 subscriptions!  We could not do this without your help.

Keep in mind that any QSP purchase (magazine purchase or photo keep sake product) throughout the year will still be added to the Argyle fundraising pool - there are so many options and great deals and is also great Christmas gift idea.

www.QSP.ca  -  online ID: 3730488

Save the date for your renewals and new subscriptions for next year’s fundraiser in September.

What an exceptional community we belong to.  Thanks again.  We appreciate you all.

Argyle SCC


Lunchroom Supervision Required

Lunchroom Supervision Required

We are in need of paid part-time lunchroom supervision assistance. Please call the office for more information. (306) 791-8536.

What a Thrilling morning for our "Thriller" and "Monster Mash" Dance Groups

Congratulations to Mrs. Flaten-Orr and her Arts Ed. students on a couple great performances.

That is awesome!

School Cash Online

Online payment now available!


Regina Public School parents and guardians can now pay for a variety of school based fees directly online. This saves the hassle of writing cheques and eliminates the need for students to carry cash or cheques to school.

Regina Public Schools now offers School Cash Online

Read more details about how to register HERE, or click the School Cash Online icon below.

School Cash Online

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