Today's featured work

Dear Basketball,

since the moment i got

to play on a mini hoop,

scoring imaginary game



Playing Basketball on low rim

and feeling like i 

was taller than the net.

 Dunking, Shooting free throws and 3’s.


From going to school courts

to play for the “Lakers” 

with Lebron James,Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, 

 And winning championships.


Going to friends houses and having

fun playing Basketball and other Sports

giving Strength , Energy  and Hustle.

Having fun and enjoying the sport.


As still a young boy in love with a sport,

There is so much potential , 

 If i keep growing into the man i want to become ,

 I can make myself Stronger and more independant.


So i guess i will always be the kid on the deck

dribbling  and dunking 0:10 seconds on the clock

 needing that one shot ,lining up taking aim




student from Ms. Yee's class