Random Art Supply Asks

The Arts Ed teachers at Argyle would appreciate it very much if our community could collect the following items for us to use in our program. If you have any of these items at home and would like to donate them please send them to us at the school.

The following are some of things that would be very useful for us:

- clean Styrofoam meat trays
- old CDs and/or DVDs
- yarn
- string
- plastic bread-bag clips
- paper rolls, any size
- milk jug lids, and other small plastic lids
- pony beads
- lids of yogurt/sour cream/cottage cheese containers
- small boxes
- tin foil tart plates (small pie plates)
- clean plastic containers from Medjool Dates
- cardboard
- tin foil
- fabric
- old pantyhose (laundered, please!), even if there is a hole in them
- cotton balls
- q-tips

Thank you so much. :)