Week at a Glance June 8- 12

Week at a Glance: June 8 – June 12

General Items:

  • Please email Mrs. Rakochy with questions or concerns:  argyle@rbe.sk.ca
  • Please check the school website as new information is posted:  https://argyle.rbe.sk.ca/
  • Register all kindergarten students -check the website for the kindergarten registration form  
  • School Work and Belongings Pick-up at School:   Monday (2 – 3 pm)   Tuesday (11 – 12 am)   Wednesday (2 – 3 pm)    Thursday (5 – 6 pm)
  • The government and the RPT has informed us that, “school divisions are expected to continue to offer teacher-led supplemental learning up to and including June 16, 2020.”     Please continue to follow the communication by your child’s teacher as to what they have planned after June 16. 
  • Happy birthday to Keeley B., Alex T. and Quinn B. who celebrated their birthdays over the weekend.                                                  

Argyle Has Talent –        brush up on your talents because we are having a virtual talent show during the last week of June.  Make   sure your act is no longer than 30 seconds.  Watch for more information.                          




Monday, June 8   

Check out the lessons your teacher has posted. 

Please do the New School online survey that your teacher sent you – your voice matters.

Grade 8’s – please be involved with your farewell planning on Google Meets – send in your pictures and work on your speeches.

SCC Meeting at 7:00

Happy Birthday to Rafay W.


Tuesday, June 9

 Check out our FB page!!   Update information, riddles, Mystery Doug, Gobi updates

 Happy Birthday to Kate H.  


Wednesday, June 10    

Remember to practice Mindfulness:  Smiling Minds:  https://www.smilingmind.com.au/

 Happy Birthday to Judd W.


Thursday, June 11

 June 11 at 6 pm – Meet the real life Gobi and his parents!!

 Happy Birthday to Ben B. and Jaylin G.


Friday, June 12

Friday French Lessons – check out what Mme.  Desnoyers has posted

 Happy Birthday to Kane P. O