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Dear Basketball
The summer of 2018 was the start
Toews court appeared in my backyard
Basketball began to grow in my heart
Layups became easy, but three’s, still hard
About to turn ten, little did I know, a Toronto trip
Raptors in game two, courtside was Drake
I was so excited I could of done a back flip
This was way better than any birthday cake
RCBA, the start of my career
Not sure what the season would deliver
We went on to have quite the year
As point guard I helped our team to silver
Corona has left me with time on my hands
But hours a day I work on my skills
Hops, handles and shots are part of my plans
For next season I’ll be ready for drills
Coaches are very important for this
Coach Jeremy, Miss Yee, Tanner, even Mom and Dad
They help me with skills, not just the swish
They push me to work hard, for that I’m glad  
I want to be a great all around player
But excellence is more than one game or one win
Hard work is the most important layer
                   Its time to practice, let me begin! 
                                            by Alex T.