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School Community Council

Welcome to the Home Page of the Argyle School Community Council

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The Argyle SCC is a group of parents, community members and teaching staff who work together to support learning and community in Argyle School:

  • Any parent or community member is welcome to join the group.

  • Argyle SCC meets one time every month, in the evening.

  • We hear a report on what activities are taking place at Argyle School.

  • We suggest ways we can support the learning and community.

  • Argyle SCC plans and hosts events at the school.

  • We work with teachers and staff to make Argyle School a great place to learn.


What are the activities of the SCC?

The SCC helps the school succeed by:

·         planning and implementing community building events throughout the school year such as the welcome back potluck, the fall dance, a family game night in the winter, open gym days for students and their families on weekends, a hot chocolate social following the winter concert, and a family sports night in the spring;

·         fundraising for school community needs not funded by the Regina School Board; and

·         providing volunteer and financial support for priority areas as set by the SCC, representing the Argyle School community.

What kind of commitment do I have to make?

SCC members are volunteers.  If you would like to be involved in planning and decision making then come to SCC meetings.  If you would rather be involved by volunteering to help with certain events, put your name on the volunteer list or contact one of the SCC members. 


What is planned for the 2016/2017 school year?

Please check our strategic plan that is located on our minutes page (and as an attachment to the bottom of this page) as well as checking out our school calendar for the next meeting. Meetings are typically the first Monday of each month.


How do I get more information?

Contact Argyle School office for more information about getting involved with the SCC or volunteer opportunities.  Alternately call or email James Gates, SCC Vice Chair, at 306 565 2864 / or email


 2016 - 2017 SCC Executive

  • ·        

    Chair: Marlene Jackson


    Vice-Chair: James Gates


    Secretary: Lois Young-Hamel


    Treasurer: Aaron Dalziel


    Members At Large: Darren Weir, Shelley Patterson, Jennifer Austin, Marjory Zech


    Parent Representatives: Sheeba Hasan



    QSP Magazine Coordinator: Lois Young-Hamel


View the Argyle School Community Council Roles & Responsibilites by accessing this link






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